quinta-feira, 5 de março de 2009

B-Real - Smoke N Mirrors (2009)


1. Smoke N Mirrors feat. Bo Roc
2. Gangsta Music feat. Bo Roc
3. Don't Ya Dare Laugh feart. Xzibit And Young De
4. Everything U Want feat. Buckshot
5. 6 Minutes feat. Young De And Tekneek
6. Psycho Realm Revolution feat. Sick Jacken
7. Fire feat. Camian Marley
8. 10 Steps Behind feat. Young De And Tekneek
9. Get That Dough feat. Babydoll Refresh
10. Dr. Hyphenstein feat. Snoop Dogg, Young De And Trace Midas
11. Stackn Paper
12. 1 Life feat. Sen Dog And Mal Verde
13. Dude Vs. Homie
14. When They Hate You feat. Babydoll Refresh
15. When We're Fucking feat. Too Short, Kurupt And Young De

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